Banking Awareness MCQ Questions Answers

Banking Awareness MCQ Questions Answers for various Bank Exam – Prelims Mains

Question Answer – Set 1

Question Answer – Set 2

1) Which of the following is not a primary function of a Bank?

a) Granting Loans

b) Collecting Cheques/Drafts customers

c) Facilitating import of goods

d) Issuing Bank Drafts

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Option – c)

2) Interest rate “Savings deposit” now a days is decided by

a) RBI

b) SBI

c) Respective Banks

d) IBA

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Option – c)

3) The facility not available in the BSBDA is ?

a) Deposit amount

b) Withdrawing of cash

c) ATM Card

d) Withdrawal form facility

e) All above facilities are available

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Option – e)

4) Budget is an instrument of

a) Commercial policy of the government

b) Fiscal policy of the Government

c) Monetary policy of the government

d) Money-saving policy of the government

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Option – b)

5) “ASBA” stands for

a) Application supported by bank account

b) Application supported by balance account

c) Application supported by blocked account

d) Application supported by blocked amount

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Option – d)

6) Reserves which can act as a liquidity buffer for commercial banks during crisis times are

a) CAR

b) SLR

c) CAR and CRR

d) CRR and SLR

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Option – b)

7) The Majority shareholder in CRISIL is _________?

a. Standard and Poors’
b. Fitch Ratings Inc.
c. Moody’s
d. Dun and Bradstreet

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Option – a)

8) Which was the first bank to introduce cheque system in India?

a. Bengal Bank
b. Bank of Hindustan
c. General Bank of India
d. Presidency Bank

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Option – a)

9) Who cancelled Sahara Mutual Fund license on 28th July’15?

a. Supreme Court
c. BSE

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Option – b)

10) Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of Bank of Baroda by the government?

a. P S Jayakumar
b. Jaykumar Sharma
c. Shiv Pal Sharma
d. Ajay Shankar

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Option – a)

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