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chemistry mcq questions answers multiple choice objective paper set pdf download for competitive exam govt job general science sample model practice

Chemistry MCQ Questions Answer for competitive exams have been given below. You can download PDF question paper set for Chemistry below. Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Answers are generally not asked separately in a competitive exams if not mentioned. In the general science syllabus or general awareness or GK syllabus the Chemistry MCQ Questions are included sometimes. You can download the sample practice MCQ Questions for Chemistry subject here. There are 4 Chemistry MCQ Questions Answers practice sets which can be accessed below.

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We are in the process of compiling all the Chemistry MCQ Questions Answers in a single or multiple PDF files. These PDF files can be downloaded in Pdf format. It will help for offline study. These MCQ Questions answers are very important for UPSC SSC Bank PCS Railway etc govt job exams. Best Wishes For All Candidates!

1)The father of modern chemistry is—

a) Priestley

b) Lavoisier

c) Dalton

d) Mendeleeff

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Option – b)

2) Which one is not metal—

a) sulpher

b) Suger

c) Nitrogen

d) all

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Option – d)

3) Which one is the pure element—

a) glass

b) cement

c) sodium

d) none of these

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Option – c)

4) An element X forms an oxide XO3 What is the valency of X?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 6

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Option – d)

5) Which of the following has highest frequency?

a) Cosmic rays

b) x— rays

c) Radio waves

d) Micro waves

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Option – a)

6) In isotopes the number of neutrons are—

a) same

b) different

c) both

d) none

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Option – b)

7) Which one of the following is not radioactive?

a) Astanine

b) Francium

c) Tritium

d) Zirconium

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Option – d)

8)The heaviest naturally occurring elements is—

a) Thorium

b) Uranium

c) Mercury

d) Polonium

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Option – b)

9)The maximum number of hydrogen bonds is a H2O molecule is—

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

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Option – d)

10) pH value of acidic solution is—

a) <7

b) >7

c) 7

d) None

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Option -a)
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