Chemistry MCQ Questions Answers – Practice Set Part 4

Chemistry MCQ Questions Answers – Sample Model Paper Practice Set Part 4

1) Which of the following is a halogen?

a) Astatine

b) Ruthenium

c) Radon

d) Cesium

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Option – a)

2) The number of valency electrons in carbon atom is

a) 2

b) 6

c) 4

d) 0

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Option – c)

3) The proton  was discovered by

a) Thomson

b) Goldstein

c) Faraday

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Option – a)

4) Heavy water was discovered by

a) Urey

b) Stars

c) F.W. Aston

d) T.W. Richards

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Option – a)

5) The Human body contains about

a) 20% water

b) 70% Water

c) 10% water

d) 50% water

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Option – b)

6) A catalyst is a substance which

a)increases the activation energy

b)increases the rate of reaction and increases the equilibrium concentration of products

c)changes the equilibrium of a reaction so that the concentration of the product increases

d)hastens the attainment of equilibrium

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Option – d)

7) Boiler scales are also called

a) Lye

b) Slag

c) Scum

d) Fur

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Option – c)

8) How many different oxides are formed by nitrogen ?





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Option – a)

9) Which of the following compounds used as a purgative:?

a) Blue vitriol

b) Mohr’s salt

c) Gypsum

d) Epson-salt

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Option – d)

10) The material that can be deformed permanently by heat and pressure is called a

a) Thermoset

b) Thermoplastic

c) Chemical Compound

d) Polymer

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Option – a)
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