Chemistry MCQ Questions Answers – Practice Set Part 4

11) The metal that is usually extracted from sea water is

a) Ca

b) Na

c) K

d) Mg

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Option – d)

12) Variable valency is exhibited by

a) tin

b) Barium

c) Sodium

d) Zinc

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Option – a)

13) The hottest part of the gas flame is known as

a) luminous zone

b) dark zone

c) blue zone

d) non-luminous zone

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Option – d)

14) Which of the following is not a metal?

a) Helium

b) Cobalt

c) Lithium

d) Sdium

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Option – a)

15) The molecular formula of phosphorous is

a) P1

b) P2

c) P3

d) P4

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Option – d)

16) The formula C6H5-CO-CH3 represents

a) Acetone

b) Acetic acid

c) Acetophenone

d) Phenyl acetate

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Option – c)

17) Which of the following is not an ally of Copper?

a) Gun Metal

b) Solder

c) Brass

d) Bronze

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Option – b)

18) Which acid is present in lemon ?

a)marlic acid

b)citric acid

c)lactic acid

d)tartaric acid

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Option – b)

19) A maximum of carbon monoxide and hydrogen is

a) gobar gas

b) water gas

c) producer gas

d) coal gas

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Option – b)

20) Water drops are spherical because of ?




d)surface tension

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Option -d)
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