Chemistry MCQ Questions Answers – Practice Set Part 4

41) The most malleable metal is





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Option – c)

42) Supersonic Aircrafts discharge the following substance into the statosphere:

a) SO<sub>2</sub>

b) CO<sub>2</sub>

c) NO<sub>2</sub>

d) CO

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Option – c)

43) Atmosphere contains dust particles, salt grains, pollen grains, smoke, etc. which are collecctively known as :

a) Water vapour

b) Ozone

c) Aerosols

d) CFC

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Option – c)

44) What nucleus of atom contains ?



c)electrons and protons

d)protons and neutrons

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Option – d)

45) The most electronegative element among the following is





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Option – c)

46) Homo nuclear molecules contain ?

a)polar bond

b)covalent bond

c)ionic bond

d)coordinate bond

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Option – b)

47) An essential condition for rusting is

a) light

b) dry air

c) high temperature

d) moisture

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Option – d)

48) Burglar proof safes are made of

a) Nickel steel

b) Chromium Steel

c) Manganese steel

d) Tungsten steel

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Option – c)

49) The number of protons and neutrons respectively in the nucleus of tritium are

a) 2 and 2

b) 2 and 1

c) 1 and 2

d) 1 and 1

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Option – c)

50) Pick the odd man out

a) Gun Power

b) Common salt

c) sugar solution

d) air

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Option – b)

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