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Airport Engineering Questions Answers – Civil Engineering MCQ

Here you will find all the questions of civil engineering.For example-

Candidates who have studied Civil Engineering are an important Airport Engineering. Airport Engineering MCQ Questions Answers is very important for any competitive exam.However, some tests require writing notes, for which we also provide Airport Engineering Notes here.You can also get some more information here. Here are some important questions of Airport Engineering- Airport Engineering MCQ, Airport Engineering Question  Also the most important for testing Airport Engineering ppt. You can download the Airport Engineering PDF from here if you want.

1) As per ICAO recommendation, minimum width of safety area for instrumental runway should be

a) 78 m

b) 150 m

c) 300 m

d) 450 m

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Option – b)

2) Wright brothers flew the first power-driven plane in

(a) 1853

(b) 1873

(c) 1903

(d) 1933

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Option – c)

3) Wind Rose diagram Type-II used for the orientation of runway shows

a) direction and intensity of wind

b) direction of wind

c) direction and duration of wind

d) direction duration and intensity of wind

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Option – d)

4) ICAO recommends length of runway for A type airports as

(a) 1500 m

(b) 1800 m

(c) 2100 m

(d) 2400 m

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Option – c)

5) How many hectares of anchorage area will be required by a 181 m long ship anchored by a single anchor in a harbor of 15 m depth ?

a) 12

b) 16

c) 18

d) 20

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Option – d)

6) If more than one runways are to be provided, the basic pattern of runway is

(a) parallel

(b) intersecting

(c) non-intersecting

(d) any of the above

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Option – d)

7) The total correction percentage for altitude and temperature, in calculating the runway length from basic runway length, normally does not exceed

a) 7

b) 14

c) 28

d) 35

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Option – d)

8) As per ICAO, the minimum basic runway length for A and E type of airport will be

a) 1500 m and 600 m

b) 2100 m and 750 m

c) 1500 m and 750 m

d) 2100 m and 600 m

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Option – d)

9) Length of STOL ports runway should be

(a) 500 m

(b) 600 m

(c) 800 m

(d) 1000 m

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Option – a)

10) According to ICAO, all markings on the runways are

a) Yellow

b) white

c) Black

d) Red

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Option – a)

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