Building Materials MCQ Civil Engineering Questions Answers

Building Materials Civil Engineering MCQ Questions Answers

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1) In medium-strength concrete the water-cement ratio should not be less than

a) 0.25

b) 0.35

c) 0.4

d) 0.45

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Option – c)

2) The percentage of gypsum added to the clinker during manufacturing process is

a) 0.2

b) 0.25 to 0.35

c) 2.5 to 3.5

d) 5 to 10

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Option – c)

3) A sample of cement is said to be sound when it does not contain free

a) lime

b) silica

c) iron oxide

d) alumina

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Option – a)

4) As per IS  specifications, the maximum final setting time for ordinary Portland cement should be

a) 30 minutes

b) 1 hour

c) 6 hour

d) 10 hour

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Option – d)

5) Turpentine is a natural material obtained from

(a) oak trees

(b) pine trees

(c) mines

(d) any of the above

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Option – b)

6) Lime mortar is generally made with

a) quick lime

b) fat lime

c) hydraulic lime

d) white lime

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Option – c)

7) Commonly used base for paint is

(a) iron oxide

(b) red lead

(c) titanium white

(d) any one of the above

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Option – d)

8) Loss on ignition in Portland cement shall not be more than

a) 4%

b) 5%

c) 3%

d) 6%

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Option – a)

9) Segregation is due to

(a) lack of sufficient quantity of fine aggregates

(b) dropping concrete from a greater height

(c) over vibration

(d) all the above

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Option – d)

10) Low heat cement contains lower percentage of which of the following

a) C3A

b) C3S

c) C2S

d) None of these

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Option – a)

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