Docks & Harbours MCQ Civil Engineering Questions Answers

Docks & Harbours MCQ Questions Answers – Civil Engineering

1)The minimum diameter of turning basin, where ships turn by going ahead and without tug assistance should be

a) L

b) 1.5 L

c) 2.0 L

d) 4.0 L

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Option – d)

2) At a given port, the fetch is 400 nautical miles, the maximum height of storm wave will be

a) 2.073 m

b) 8.169 m

c) 9.144 m

d) 6.8 m

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Option – c)

3) Minimum width of ship clearance shall be

a) B or 30 m

b) 1.5 B or 50 m

c) 1.5 B

d) 50 m

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Option – a)

4) A ship is berthed in a chamber and lifted by principles of buoyancy. Such a chamber is called

a) dry dock

b) wet dock

c) floating dock

d) refuge dock

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Option – c)

5) Which one of the following is a component of a shield for tunneling ?

a) Liner plate

b) Trench jack

c) Stiffener

d) Cutting edge

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Option – d)

6) The lowest tide which occurs in half lunar month is called

a) spring tide

b) neap tide

c) lunar tide

d) tidal bore

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Option – a)

7) Ribs are used for strengthening and stiffening the liner plate for tunnels of diameter greater then

a) 2 m

b) 3 m

c) 4 m

d) 5 m

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Option – b)

8) Quays are platforms provided

(a) along shore

(b) breakwaters

(c) perpendicular to shore

(d) both (a) and (b)

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Option – a)

9) As per Berlin’s formula, the length of wave is meters is given by

a) 1.34 t2

b) 1.56 t2

c) 1.74 t2

d) 1.94 t2

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Option – b)

10) The total height of tides is about ______ times that of neap tides.

(a) 1.2 to 1.4

(b) 1.5 to 2.0

(c) 2 to 2.4

(d) 2.5 to 3.0

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Option – b)
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