Highway Engineering MCQ Questions Answers Civil Engineering

21) Enoscope used for spot speed study is a

(a) manual counter

(b) automatic recorder

(c) electronic

(d) none of the above

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Option – a)

22) Which of the following is indicated by a warning sign ?

a) level crossing

b) no parking

c) end of speed limit

d) overtaking prohibited

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Option – a)

23) In case of reinforced concrete pavem ents of 150 mm thickness, maximum spacing between any

two longitudinal joints may be

(a) 4.5 m

(b) 7.5 m

(c) 11.0 m

(d) 13 m

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Option – d)

24)An Enoscope is used for measuring

a) Running speed

b) Time mean speed

c) spot speed

d) overall speed

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Option – c)

25) Postcard survey may be used to study

(a) spot speed study

(b) speed and delay study

(c) origin destination study

(d) parking studies

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Option – c)

26) The traffic conflicts that may occur in a rotary intersection are

a) merging and diverging

b) crossing and merging

c) crossing and diverging

d) crossing, merging and diverging

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Option – a)

27) For an earthen road, the minimum desirable grade is

(a) 1 in 12

(b) 1 in 20

(c) 1 in 80

(d) 1 in 120

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Option – d)

28) The maximum thickness of expansion joint in rigid pavements is

a) zero

b) 25 mm

c) 50 mm

d) 100 mm

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Option – b)

29) In reinforced cement concrete pavements, steel is placed

a) near bottom

b) in the middle

c) near the top

d) exactly at neutral axis

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Option – b)

30) If the pressure carried by a CBR specimen at 2.5 mm penetration is 3.5 N/mm2, the CBR of the soil is

a) 10%

b) 35%

c) 50%

d) 70%

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Option – c)
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