Hydrology MCQ Questions Answers Civil Engineering

Hydrology MCQ Questions Answers – Civil Engineering (CE)

1) The % of earth covered by oceans is about

a) 31%

b) 51%

c) 71%

d) 97%

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Option – c)

2) The average annual rainfall over the whole of india is estimated as

a) 189 cm

b) 319 cm

c) 89 cm

d) 119 cm

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Option – d)

3) The percentage of total quantity of water in the world that is saline is about

a) 71%

b) 33%

c) 67%

d) 97%

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Option – d)

4) A rainfall with an intensity of 5 mm/h is classified as

a) traces

b) light rain

c) moderate rain

d) heavy rain

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Option – c)

5) Which is the odd one in the following ?

a) Snow

b) Sleet

c) Rain

d) Hail

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Option – c)

6) A plot between rainfall intensity versus time is called as

a) hydrograph

b) mass curve

c) hyetograph

d) isohyets

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Option – c)

7) Wind speed is measured with

a) a wind vane

b) a heliometers

c) Stevenson box

d) anemometer

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Option – d)

8) The average pan coefficient for the standard US Weather Bureau class A pan is

a) 0.85

b) 0.70

c) 0.90

d) 0.20

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Option – b)

9) Lysimeter is used to measure

a) infiltration

b) Evaporation

c) Evapotranspiration

d) Vapour pressure

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Option – c)

10) The science and practice of water flow measurement is known as

a) Hypsometry

b) Hydrometeorology

d) Fluvimetry

d) Hydrometry

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Option – d)
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