Steel Structure Design Questions Answers MCQ Civil Engineering

Steel Structure Design MCQ Questions Answers – Civil Engineering

1) Which one of the following is the mode of failure in a fillet weld material?

a) Tension

b) Shear

c) Bearing

d) Crushing

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Option – b)

2) A channel section has

(a) two webs one flange

(b) one web two flanges

(c) one web one flange

(d) two webs and two flanges

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Option – b)

3) The difference between gross diameter and nominal diameter  for the rivets up to 25 mm diameter is

a) 1.0 mm

b) 1.5 mm

c) 2.0 mm

d) 2.5 mm

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Option – b)

4) Minimum edge distances specified by the code should be maintained to avoid

(a) rupture of plate

(b) shearing of plate

(c) crushing of plate

(d) both (b) and (c)

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Option – d)

5) What is the maximum permissible longitudinal pitch in staggered riveted compression joints ?

a) 500 mm

b) 400 mm

c) 300 mm

d) 100 mm

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Option – c)

6) The following are the statements about lug angle used to connected heavily loaded tension

member to gusset plates.

(i) The length of end connection is reduced

(ii) By using lug angles there will be saving in the gusset plate

(iii) Cost of connection increases due to additional fasteners and angle required

(a) only (i) and (ii) are correct.

(b) only (i) and (iii) are correct.

(c) only (ii) and (iii) are correct.

(d) all the three are correct.

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Option – d)

7) The overlap of batten plates with the main members in welded connections should be more than

a) 2t

b) 5 t

c) 6t

d) 8t

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Option – b)

8) The effective diameter of a rivet is taken as

(a) nominal diameter of rivet

(b) rivet hole diameter

(c) rivet hole diameter +1.5 mm

(d) rivet hole diameter –1.5 mm

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Option – b)

9) For reversal of stresses the most suitable bolt is

a) Black bolt

b) Turned bolt

c) Friction grip bolt

d) None of these

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Option – c)

10) Maximum spacing of lacing bars shall be such that the maximum slenderness of the main member

between consecutive lacing connection is not more than

(a) 30

(b) 40

(c) 50

(d) 60

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Option – c)
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