Surveying MCQ Questions Answers Civil Engineering

Surveying Questions Answers – Civil Engineering MCQ

1) The representative fraction 1/2500 means that the scale 1 cm is equal to

a) 0.25 m

b) 2.5 m

c) 25 m

d) 2.5 km

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Option – c)

2) If a quantity A has a weight of 3, then the weight of A/3 will be

a) 28

b) 27

c) 24

d) 21

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Option – b)

3) For a well-conditional triangle, no angle should be less than

a) 200

b) 300

c) 450

d) 600

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Option – b)

4) An invar tape is made of an ally of

a) copper and steel

b) brass and nickel

c) brass and steel

d) nickel and steel

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Option – d)

5) Which of the following is an obstacle to chaining  but not to ranging ?

a) river

b) hillock

c) building

d) None of the above

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Option – a)

6) The required slope correction for a length of 60 m along a gradient of 1 in 20 is
a) 7.5 m

b) 75 cm

c) 0.75 cm

d) 5.50 cm

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Option – a)

7) ABCD is a regular parallelogram plot of land whose angle BAD is 600. If the bearing of line AB is 300 then the bearing of line CD is

a) 900

b) 1200

c) 2100

d) 2700

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Option – c)

8) The reading taken from an instrument station on a benchmark of RL 100.00 is 1.4 and on a chejja

reading taken with inverted staff is 2.8 m. Then RL of chejja is

(a) 104.2 m

(b) 101.40 m

(c) 98.6 m

(d) none of the above

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Option – a)

9) The horizontal angle between the true meridian and magnetic meridian at a place is called

a) azimuth

b) declination

c) local attraction

d) magnetic bearing

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Option – b)

10) In levelling height of instrument means

(a) height of telescope from the ground where instrument is set

(b) level of the point with respect to assumed datum

(c) it is the elevation of plane of sight from the assumed datum

(d) none of the above

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Option – c)

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