Digital Logic MCQ Questions Answers Computer Engineering CSE

Digital Logic MCQ Questions Answers – Computer Engineering CSE

1) Which of the following is the first integrated logic family?

a) RTL

b) DTL

c) TTL

d) MOS

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Option – a)

2) A digital gate can respond to an input signal in

a) about a second

b) about a hundredth of a second

c) a few billionth of a second

d) a few millisecond

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Option – c)

3)The time required for a pulse to change from 10 to 90 percent of its maximum value is defined as

a) rise time

b) decay time

c) propagation time

d) operating speed

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Option – a)

4) Standard TTL has a multiple emitter input transistor and a…….. output

a) totem-pole

b) chip

c) bipolar

d) loading-point

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Option – a)

5) A positive AND  gate is also a negative

a) NAND gate

b) NOR gate

c) AND gate

d) Or gate

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Option – b)

6) EPROM consist of

a) bipolar transistors


c) UJTs

d) Dlodes

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Option – b)

7) Non-volatility is an important advantage of

a) CCD’s

b) RAM



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Option – c)

8) Half-adder is also known as

a) AND gate

b) NAND gate

c) NOR gate

d) EX-OR gate

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Option – d)

9) Which of the following is not a magnetic memory?

a) core

b) disk

c) flip-flop

d) tape

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Option – c)

10) EE-ROM is

a) electrically erasable

b) Easily erasable

c) non-erasable

d) effective erasable

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Option – a)

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