Computer Knowledge MCQ Question Answer Objective Model Paper

31) For multiple branching in ā€˜Cā€™ WE USE __ statement

A) Switch

b) Go to

c) Cout

d) Case

e) Case

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Option – a)

32) Web site is a collection of _

a) HTML documents

b) Graphic files

c) Audio and Video files

d) All of these

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Option – d)

33) Favourites are accessible from the __ menu

a) start

b) title

c) stop

d) menu

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Option -a)

34) HUB is

a) layer 1 device

b) central device

c) dumb device

d) All of the above

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Option – d)

35) Frame Relay technique uses

a) circuit switching

b) connection oriented

c) message switching

d) hybrid switching

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Option – b)

36) The server on the internet is also known as _

a) Repeater

b) Host

c) Gateway

d) AND Gate

e) None of these

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Option – b)

37) The environment provided to ASP is based on __

a) Client/ server

b) Network

c) Centralized system

d) Operator

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Option – a)

38) assembly language programs are written using

a) Hex code

b) Mnemonics

c) ASCII code


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Option – b)

39) Which of the following is not a standard MSOffice Edition?

a) CE

b) Advanced

c) standard

d) Professional

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Option – b)

40) Electronic fund transfer is the exchange of money

a) From one place to another

b) From one account to another

c) From one bank to another

d) None of these

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Option – b)

41)Which type of telephone service is least expensive ?

a) Analog leased line

b) Analog switched line

c) Switched 156 line

d) DDS service

e) None of these

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Option – b)

42) The process of finding and correcting errors in a program is a process called

a) Debugging

b) Compiling

c) Executing

d) Run

e) None of these

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Option – a)

43) How many characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel?

a) 256

b) 1024

c) 32,000


e)None of these

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Option – d)

44) Where should you save your Computer files?

a) on disk and in folders

b) in a Dram

C) in a filing cabinet

d) in the bin

e) None of these

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Option – a)

45) To put text on the right of the page use the

a) Align left button

b) Align center button

c) Justify button

d) Align right button

e) None of these

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Option – d)

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