DC Circuits MCQ Questions Answers Electrical Engineering

DC Motor MCQ Questions Answers Electrical Engineering (Direct Current)

1) A d.c circuit usually has ___________ as the load.

a) resistance

b) inductance

c) capacitance

d) both inductance and capacitance

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Option – a)

2) An external resistance R is connected to a cell of internal resistance r. The maximum current flows in the external resistance when

a) R>r

b) R >r

c) R=r

d) any other value of R

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Option – c)

3) Given three equal resistances. How many combinations of these three resistances can be made?


b) four

c) five

d) two

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Option – b)

4) Kirchhoff’s voltage law deals with

a) conservation of energy

b) conservation of charge

c) conservation of momentum

d) conservation of angular momentum

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Option – a)

5) An ordinary dry cell can deliver a current of about

a) 3 A

b) 2 A

c) 1/8 A

d) none of the above

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Option – c)

6) For the circuit shown in Fig. 2.63, the power dissipated in G1 is

a) 50 mW

b) 25 mW

c) 100 mW

d) 125 mW

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Option – a)

7) The power dissipated in a resistor in terms of its conductance G and current I through it is

a) I2G

b) I2/G

c) G2/I

d) none of the above

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Option – b)

8) The total conductance of two 0.1 conductances in series is

a) 0.5 S

b) 0.2 S

c) 1 S

d) 0.05 S

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Option – d)

9) Conductance can be

a) positive only

b) negative only

c) positive or negative

d) information incomplete

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Option – a)

10) A charge of 10mC flows through a cross section 2.5 mm2 normally in 2 seconds. The current is

a) 25 mA

b) 5 mA

c) 20mA

d) 4Ma

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Option – b)

11) When a d.c battery of e.m.f. E and internal resistance r delivers maximum power to an external resistance R, the ratio r/R is

a) 1:1

b) 2:1

c) 1:2

d) 1:1/2

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Option – a)

12) A 200W and 100 W bulb both meat for operation at 220 V are connected in series. When connected to a 220 V supply, the power consumed by them is

a) 66 W

b) 33 W

c) 100 W

d) 300 W

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Option – a)

13) In the above question, if the galvanometer is open circuited, the current in the various resistors will

a) not change

b) decrease

c) increase

d) cannot say

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Option – a)

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