Electrostatics MCQ Questions Answers Electrical Engineering

Electrostatics MCQ Questions Answers – Electrical Engineering

1) The relative permittivity of air is

a) 0

b) 1

c) 8.854 x 10-12

d) no one of the above

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Option – b)

2) An electric field can deflect

a) x-rays

b) neutrons

c) a-particles

d) y-rays

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Option – c)

3) The relative permittivity of most material lies between

a) 20 and 100

b) 10 and 20

c) 100 and 200

d) 1 and 10

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Option – d)

4) Electric lines of force enter or leave a charged surface at an angle

a) of 900

b) of 300

c) of 600

d) depending upon surface conditions

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Option – a)

5) The ratio of force between two small spheres with constant charge in air and in a medium of relative of relative permittivity K is

a) K2 : 1

b) 1 : K

c) 1 : K2

d) K : 1

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Option – d)

6) For a dipole, electric field varies as

a) r-2

b) r-3

c) r-1

d) r-4

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Option – b)

7) Out of the materials given below, which has the highest dielectric strength?

a) glass

b) mica

c) oiled paper

d) air

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Option – a)

8) The electric potential at the surface of an atom nucleus (Z=50) of radius 9.0 x 10-15 m is

a) 40 V

b) 8 x 106 V

c) 9 V

d) 120 V

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Option – b)

9) The relative permittivity of an insulator cannot be

a) 20

b) 33

c) 6

d) infinity

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Option – d)

10) The dielectric used in high voltage trans formers is

a) mica

b) paraffin

c) porcelain

d) oiled paper

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Option – c)
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