Analog Electronic Circuits MCQ Questions Answers Electronics Engineering

Analog Electronics Circuits MCQ Questions Answers Electronics Engineering

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You know, Analog Electronic Circuits is an important part of electronics engineering. There are several Analog Electronics MCQ Questions & Answers from this part of the year engineering. Not only this, with the help of Analog Electronics Objective Questions and Answers and preparation of Analog Electronic Circuits Notes for competitive exam.We have uploaded the PDF here. You can also read from the Analog Electronics MCQ with Answers PDF if you wish.

1) Which one of the following devices is NOT used as the controller in a stabilizer ?

a) Diac

b) Triac

c) SCR

d) Power transistor

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Option – a)

2) The most commonly used amplifier in sample and hold circuit is

a unity gain inverting amplifier

a unity gain non inverting amplifier

an inverting amplifier with a gain of 10

an inverting amplifier with a gain of 100

Ans – b

3) A 1 ms pulse can be stretched to 1 s pulse by using

a) an astable multivibrator

b) a monostable multivibrator

c) a bistable multivibrator

d) a Schmitt trigger circuit

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Option – b)

4) In a full wave rectifier, the current in each diode flows for

whole cycle of the input signal

half cycle of the input signal

more than half cycle of the input signal

none of these

Ans – b

5) Which junction has least junction capacitance ?

a) Alloy

b) Grown

c) Diffused

d) Point contact

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Option – d)

6) A half wave rectifier is equivalent to

clamper circuit

a clipper circuit

a clamper circuit with negative bias

a clamper circuit with positive bias

Ans – b

7) Which one of the following is a regulated power supply ?

a) IC 555

b) IC 844

c) IC 3080

d) IC 723

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Option – d)

8) The load voltage is approximately constant when a Zener diode is

Forward biased

Reverse biased

Operating in the breakdown region


Ans – c

9) The 3-dB cut-off frequency of a.d.c. amplifier is 5 MHz. what is its rise time ?

a) 350 ns

b) 200 ns

c) 70 ns

d) 35 ns

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Option – c)

10) What is the main advantage of a JFET- cascade amplifier ?

a) High voltage gain’

b) Low output impedance
c) Very low input capacitance

d) High input impedance

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Option – a)
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