Electromagnetic Theory MCQ Questions Answers Electronics Engineering

Electromagnetic Theory ECE Electronics Engineering MCQ Questions Answers

1) A cavity is a

a) los-pass filter

b) high-pass filter

c) band-pass filter

d) band-stop filter

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Option – c)

2) In H-plane metal plate lens the travelling wave front is

A. totally retarded

B. retarded

C. accelerated

D. neither accelerated nor retarded

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Option – b)

3)When the phase velocity of an electromagnetic wave depends on frequency in any medium, the phenomenon is called

a) scattering

b) polarization

c) absorption

d) dispersion

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Option – b)

4) Which of the following will increase the antenna radiation efficiency?
A. Use of larger section of conductor
B. Providing insulation on conductor
C. Top loading of antenna
D. Any of the above

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Option – c)

5) When VSWR IS 3, the magnitude of the reflection coefficient will be

a) ¼

b) 1/3

c) ½

d) 1

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Option – c)

6) Tropospheric scatter is used with frequencies in the

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Option – c)

7) The poynting vector P = E x H has the dimensions of

a) power/unit area

b) Volts

c) Power

d) Volt/ unit length

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Option – a)

8) In a perfect conductor the incident and reflected wave combine to produce
A. a stronger incident wave
B. a stronger reflected wave
C. a standing wave which is not progressing
D. none of the above

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Option – c)

9) The radiation field of an antenna at a distance r varies as

a) 1/r

b) 1/r2

c) 1/r3

d) 1/r4

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Option – a)

10) The wave radiated by a helical antenna is

a) linearly polarized

b) right circularly polarized

c) left circularly polarized

d) elliptically polarized

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Option – d)
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