Measurements & Instrumentation MCQ ECE Questions Answers

Electronics & Instrumentation MCQ Questions Answers – Electronics Engineering (ECE)

1) Loading effect is primarily caused by instruments having

a) high resistance

b) high sensitivity

c) low sensitivity

d) high range

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Option – c)

2)  The error of an instrument is normally given as a percentage of
A. measured value
B. full-scale value
C. mean value
D. rms value

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Option – b)

3) A 1/3 digit voltmeter having a resolution of 100Mv can be used to measure maximum voltage of

a) 100 V

b) 200 V

c) 1000 V

d) 5000 V

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Option – a)

4) A multi-ammeter can be used as
A. Voltmeter and ammeter
B. Wattmeter
C. Ohmmeter
D. Frequency meter

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Option – a)

5) Load cell employ

a) piezoelectric crystal

b) capacitor

c) mutual inductance

d) strain gauges

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Option – d)

6) The difference between the measured value and the true value is called

a) gross error

b) relative error

c) probable error

d) absolute error

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Option – d)

7) Which meter is suitable for the measurement of 10mV at 50MHz?
A. Moving iron voltmeter
C. Moving coil voltmeter

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Option – d)

8) The device possessing the highest photosensitivity is a

a) photoconductive cell

b) photovoltaic cell

c) photodiode

d) phototransistor

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Option – d)

9) Magnetic flux can be measured by

a) capacitive pick-up

b) inductive pick-up

c)b resistive pick-up

d) Hall-effect pick-up

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Option – d)

10) Direct method is used to measure
A. Length
B. Temperature
C. Pressure
D. Voltage

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Option – a)
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