Microwave Engineering MCQ Questions Answers Electronics ECE

11) The type of antenna to be used for producing circularly polarized beams is

a) pyramidal horn

b) log-periodic array

c) paraboloid

d) helical antenna

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Option – d)

12) In LOS-line of sight propagation systems, to take account of normal refraction, an effective earth radius factor k is used whose value is

a) 4/3

b) 4

c) ¾

d) ½

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Option – a)

13) Which is the most common antenna to obtain a predetermined radiation pattern ?

a) Array antenna

b) Corner reflector

c) Sectoral horn

d) Helical antenna

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Option – a)

14) Why is an attenuator used in a TWT ?

a) To help bunching

b) To prevent oscillations

c) To prevent saturation

d) To increase gain

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Option – b)

15) For a parabolic reflector of 5 meter diameter, the far field pattern measurement at 6 GHz should be carried out a distance of at least

a) o.5 km

b) 1.0 km

c) 1.5 km

d) 2.0 km

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Option – b)

16) Which of the following are microwave sources ?

a) klystron

b) Magnetron



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Option – b)

17) X-band frequencies are in which one of the following ranges?

a) 3.5 to 5.5 GHz

b) 5.5 to 8.0 GHz

c) 8.0 to 12.0 GHz

d) 12.4 to 16.4 GHz

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Option – c)

18) In microwave communication links, what causes intense fading in the 18GHz band ?

a) Snow

b) Rain

c) Fog

d) Dust

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Option – b)

19) A amplifier has  a  power gain of 200. What is its gain in dB? (log10 2 = 0.30)

a) 14 dB

b) 17 dB

c) 20 dB

d) 23 dB

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Option – d)

20) Which of the following modes can exist in a rectangular wave guide ?

a) TM10

b) TE10

c) TM00

d) TM01

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Option – b)

21) Which one of the following is a transferred electron device ?

a) BARITT diode
b) IMPATT diode

c) TRAPATT diode

d) Gunn DIODE

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Option – d)

22) Which of the following is a circularly polarized antenna ?

a) Horn

b) Dipole

c) Helical

d) Pyramidal

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Option – c)

23) The main disadvantage of using coaxial cable for microwave signals is its

a) Low selectivity

b) Low distortion

c) High attenuation

d) High sensitivity

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Option – c)

24) Which is the dominant mode in rectangular waveguides ?

a) TE10

b) TE11

c) TM01

d) TM11

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Option – a)

25) A Gunn diode is a negative resistance device, which is used as source of microwaves. What is the number of p-n junctions ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 0

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Option – d)

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