Fill in the Blank Questions Answers MCQ English Grammar

Fill in the Blank Questions Answer MCQ English Grammar

Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

1)I will write a latter to you tentatively _______ the dates of the program.

a) involving

b) urging

c) guiding

d) indicating

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Option – d)

2) You will see signs of _______ everywhere, which speak well for the ______ of these people.

a) decoration – senses

b) clear – debris

c) beauty – careful

d) industry – prosperity

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Option – d)

3) How much did it ________ to reach Mumbai by car?

a) Charge

b) Price

c) Cost

d) estimate

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Option – c)

4) He applied for and was ______ legal aid by the Labour Ministry.

a) offered

b) granted

c) allowed

d) awarded

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Option – b)

5) Few professions can ______ the sheer variety and constant ______ of being a doctor.

a) like, struggle

b) share, enthusiast

c) match, challenge

d) draw, work-load

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Option – c)

6) _______ by people’s perception it seems that democracy has succeeded in India.

a)  Following

b) Going

c) Making

d) Planned

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Option – b)

7) They have decided to meet the Prime Minister in order to have their _____ heard.

a) agony

b) apathy

c) woes

d) sufferings

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Option – d)

8) The health minister ______ the need to make the laparoscopic surgery available to the common people and  _____ it’s reach.

a) underscored, widen

b) stressed, larger

c) spotted, extend

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Option – a)

9) There are ______ views on the issue of giving bonus to the employees.

a) independent

b) divergent

c) modest

d) adverse

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Option – b)

10) The teacher ordered Kamal to leave the room and ______ him to return.

a) stopped

b) refused

c) forbade

d) challenged

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Option – c)

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