One Word Substitution – English Questions Answers

English One Word Substitution MCQ Questions Answers

Directions: out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

1)A collection of slaves


b) Crew

c) Company

d) Cortege

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Option – a)

2)  Person who files a suit.

a) Charge

b) Suitor

c) Plaintiff

d) Accuse

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Option – c)

3) One who hates marriage.

a) Misanthrope

b) Misogamist

c) Misogynist

d) Polygamist

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Option – b)

4) A strong dislike.

a) Reciprocity

b) Entreaty

c) Animosity

d) Malice

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Option – c)

5) Of one mind or opinion.

a) Voluntary

b) Referendum

c) Homogenous

d) Unanimous

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Option – a)

6) Not likely to be easily pleased.

a) Fastidious

b) Infallible

c) Fatalist

d) Communist

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Option – a)

7) Thawing snow.

a) Sludge

b) Slush

c) Slosh

d) Slash

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Option – b)

8) A person who abstains completely from  alcoholic drinks.

a) Teetotaller

b) Derelict

c) Subjunctive

d) Incriminatory

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Option – a)

9)Take great pleasure.

a) Revel

b) Satisfied

c) Uphold

d) Overhaul

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Option – a)

10) One who is always doubting.

a) Sceptic

b) Deist

c) Rationalist

d) Positivist

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Option – a)

11) Medicine given to counteract poison.

a) Antibiotic

b) Antiseptic

c) Antidote

d) Antifungal

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Option – c)

Directions: out of the alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

12) Too much official formality.

a) Bureaucracy

b) Red-tapism

c) Diplomacy

d) Autocracy

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Option – b)

13) Something that cannot be explained.

a) Inexplicable

b) Unthinkable

c) Impregnable

d) Mysterious

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Option – a)

14) A guide-post pointing out the way for a place.

a) Last-post

b) Finger-post

c) Lamp-post

d) Check-post

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Option – b)

15) Chanting of magic spells.

a) Narration

b) Recitation

c) Incartation

d) Utterance

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Option – c)

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