Synonyms MCQ – English Questions Answers

English Word Synonyms Questions Answers – MCQ Quiz

Directions: in the following sentences a word or phrase is written in bold. For each bold part four words/phrases are listed below each sentence. Choose the word nearest in meaning to bold part.

1)The  maidservant left the police station contrite.

a) penitent

b) sore

c) angry

d) remorseless

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Option -a)

2) Mohinder Amarnath had penchant for hook shots.

a) art

b) inclination

c) strength

d) desire

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Option -b)

3)The early monsoon  have brought respite to the people.

a) despite

b) inspite of

c) interval of relief

d) rest

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Option – c)

4) The resignation of the chief minister is intriguing.

a) curious

b) interesting

c) secret

d) diplomatic

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Option -a)

5) Ritu asked Rashmi not to meddle in her affairs.

a) intercede

b) impose

c) cross

d) interfere

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Option -d)

6) She upbraided the little girl who got frightened.

a) make tails

b) make up

c) scolded

d) handed

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Option – c)

7) She is not seen even smiling these days, she is rather pensive.

a) sad

b) thoughtful

c) gloomy

d)  black

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Option -b)

8) What meaning have you drawn from her tongue in cheek remarks.

a) deduced

b) induced

c) conduced

d) deduct

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Option -a)

9) The Collector has yet relinquished his charge.

a) give up

b) abdicate

c) leave

d) renounce

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Option -a)

10)Such conduct deserves reprimand.

a) praise

b) punishment

c) rebuke

d) reward

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Option -b)

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