Basic General Knowledge – Series 11

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1) Ball pen function on which one of the following principal ?

a) Boyle’s law

b) Gravitational force

c) surface tension

d) Viscosity

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Option – c)

2)Where is salar Jung Museum situated ?

a) Hyderabad

b) Jaipur

c) Lucknow

d) Mumbai

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Option – a)

3) What may be the cause of mal-functioning of thyroid gland ?

a) lodine deficiency

b) iron deficiency

c) Calcium deficiency

d) Vitamin C

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Option -a)

4) An example of an oxide ore is

a) bauxite

b) malachite

c) zinc blende

d) galena

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Option – a)

5) The World Population Day is celebrated on

a) 11th July

b) 12th July

c) 15th July

d) 11th August

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Option – a)

6) National Integration Council is chaired by

a) The President

b) The prime Minister

c) The Defence Minister

d) The Home Minister

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Option – b)

7) During photosynthesis the liberated gas is

a) carbon dioxide

b) oxygen

c) nitrogen

d) hydrogen

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Option – b)

8) The acid use in lead storage cells is

a) phosphoric acid

b) hydrochloric acid

c) nitric acid

d) sulphuric acid

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Option – d)

9) Where is Brihadeshwar Temple situated ?

a) Kanchi

b) Madurai

c) shri shailan

d) Tanjore

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Option – d)

10) The first solar city of India is

a) Anandpur Sahib

b) Mumbai

c) Bengaluru

d) Delhi

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Option – a)

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