General Knowledge – Series 14

Basic General Knowledge – Practice Set 14 (GK MCQ Questions Answers)

1) FFC stands for

a) Federation of Football Council

b) Film Finance Corporation

c) Foreign Finance Corporation

d) None of the above

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Option – b)

2) Each year World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on

a) June 8

b) June 18

c) May 8

d) May 18

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Option – c)

3) First International Peace Congress was held in London

a) 1564 AD

b) 1798 AD

c) 1843 AD

d) 1901 AD

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Option – c)

4) UNO Day is on

a) 20th July

b) 24th October

c) 14th November

d) 12th February

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Option – b)

5) UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) was established in

a) 1919

b) 1957

c) 1945

d) 1946

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Option – d)

6) Grey Revolution is associated with:

a) Orange

b) Sand

c) Wool

d) Coal

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Option – c)

7) Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) was established in

a) 1955

b) 1956

c) 1957

d) 1958

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Option – c)

8) Entomology is the science that studies

a) The origin and history of technical and scientific terms

b) Behavior of human beings

c) Insects

d) The formation of rocks

e) None of these

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Option – c)

9) Fastest shorthand writer was

a) Dr. G. D. Bist

b) J.M. Tagore

c) Khudada Khan

d) J.R.D. Tata

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Option – a)

10) Dr. Zakir Hussain was

a) First vice president of India

b) first speaker of Lok Sabha

c) the first Muslim president of India

d) first president of Indian National Congress

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Option – c)

11) To which country does the present UN Secretary-General belongs?

a) Ghana

b) South Korea

c) Spain

d) Sweden

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Option – b)

12) Squadron leader Rakesh Sharma was India’s first man to go into space. He was ____ cosmonaut to be in space in the world.
a) 12th
b) 107th
c) 139th
d) 151st

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Option – c)

13) Penicillin was invented by
a) Dr Jonas E. Salk
b) Gregory Mendal
c) Paul Ehrlich
d) A. Fleming

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Option – d)

14) Sushri Lata Dinanath Mangeshkar received Bharath Ratna in
a) 2000
b) 2001
c) 2002
d) 2003

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Option – b)

15) The headquarter of the Warsaw Treaty Organization were at
a) Berlin
b) Prague
c) Moscow
d) Warsaw

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Option – c)

16) The 2006 World Cup Football Tournament held in
b) China
c) Germany
d) Brazil

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Option – c)

17) The XV Asian Games are scheduled to be held at
b) Hiroshima
c) Beijing
d) Jakarta

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Option – a)

18) The largest party of Ireland, the Ulster Unionist Party, endorses the Northern Ireland peace deal between British and Irish governments in
a) 1997
b) 1988
c) 1998
d) 1990

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Option – c)

19) Oscar Awards were instituted in
b) 1929
c) 1901
d) 1965

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Option – b)

20) The last ruler of the Mughal dynasty was
a) Babur
b) Bahadurshah Zafar
c) Akbar
d) None of the above

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Option – b)

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