Basic General Knowledge – Series 4

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1)On Which of the following days the world Human Rights day is celebrated?

a) December 3

b) December 10

c) December 17

d) December 25

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Option – b)

2)Which of the following is the property of carbon monoxide?

a) Oxidising agent

b) Catalytic agent

c) Neutral oxide

d) Reducing agent

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Option – d)

3) Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?

a) Mars

b) Mercury

c) Jupiter

d) Saturn

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Option – a)

4)Which one of the following is not radioactive?

a) Astatine

b) Francium

c) Tritium

d) Zirconium

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Option – a)

5) Which one of the following river flows through a rift valley?

a) Godavari

b) Narmada

c) Krishna

d) Mahanadi

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Option – b)

6) Who among the following Viceroys introduced the system of local self-government in India?

a) Lord Mayo

b) Lord Lytton

c) Lord Ripon

d) Lord Curzon

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Option – c)

7)People who follow a vegan diet do not eat?

a) Legumes

b) Cheeses

c) Grains

d) Nuts

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Option – b)

8)The largest island in the world is

a) Sri Lanka

b) Green Land

c) New Guinea

d) Sumatra

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Option – b)

9) Pair of ribs found in man

a) 12

b) 10

c) 14

d) 11

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Option – a)

10) White phosphorus is always kept under

a) benzene

b) Kerosene

c) ether

d) water

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Option – d)

11)India become a member of the UN in the year

a) 1950

b) 1947

c) 1945

d) 1952

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Option – c)

12)Grassland is called ‘’pampas’’ in

a) Africa

b) South America

c) The United Kingdom

d) The USA

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Option – b)

13) Largest part of human brain is

a) cerebellum

b) cerebrum

c) medulla

d) None of these

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Option – b)

14) Which of the following is not a folk dance of Goa?

a) Dhalo

b) Ghode

c) Fugdi

d) Dangi

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Option – d)

15)Which state in India is the largest producer of natural rubber?

a) Assom

b) Kerala

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Karnataka

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Option – b)

16) The chemical that is used in making artificial rain is

a) Silver nitrate

b) Silver iodide

c) Silver nitrite

d) Silver chloride

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Option – b)

17) The Eastern and Western Ghats join at

a) Palani Hills

b) Nilgiri Hills

c) Anamalai Hills]

d) Malabar Hills

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Option – b)

18) Which state in India is the leading producer of sulphur?

a) Asom

b) Maharashtra

c) Punjab

d) Tamil Nadu

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Option – b)

19) Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?

a) Nagarjunsagar

b) Manas

c) Pench

d) Corbett

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Option – a)

20) Who propounded the ‘ market law’?

a) Adam Smith

b) JB Say

c) TR Malthus

d) David Ricardo

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Option – b)

21)Which color of light shows maximum deviation when passed through a prism?

a) White

b) Red

c) Violet

d) Green

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Option – c)

22) The best material for the core of a transformer is

a)stainless  steel

b) mild steel

c) hard steel

d) soft steel

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Option – d)

23) The largest tribal community in India is

a) Bhils

b) Gonds

c) Santhals

d) Tharus

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Option – b)

24) Which of the following animals does not have nervous system?

a) Leech

b) Tapeworm

c) Amoeba

d) Snail

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Option – c)

25)The most important ore of lead is

a) Galena

b) Magnetite

c) Pyrolusite

d) Siderite

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Option – a)

26) Who interprets the Constitution ?

a) Legislature

b) Executive

c) Judiciary

d) President

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Option – c)

27) Which one of the following organs excretes water,fat and various catabolic wastes?

a) Kidney

b) Skin

c) Spleen

d) Salivary glands

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Option – a)

28) The first African National to become Secretary General of UNO was

a) Kofi Annan

b) Butros Gali

c) Nelson Mandela

d) Winni Mandela

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Option – a)

29) Which of the following is not a Rabi crop in India?

a) Wheat

b) Barley

c) Rapeseed

d) Jute

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Option – d)

30)Which of the following causes Malaria?

a) Insect

b) Bacteria

c) Protozoa

d) Virus

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Option – c)

31)  Which nation is Mongia port situated in?

a)Sri Lanka

b) Bangladesh

c) Bhutan

d) India

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Option – b)

32) Jnanpith Award is conferred to those in the field of

a) Literature

b) History

c) Drama

d) Dance

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Option – a)

33) Nitrogenous food is

a) Carbohydrate

b) Lipid

c) Protein

d) Salts

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Option – c)

34) Who is the Gover of West Bengal?

a) V.K Murthy

b) Vijay A. Kelker

c) M.K. Narayanan

d) V.k Singh

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Option – c)

35) The members of Rajya Sabha are elected for a term of

a) two years

b) four years

c) six years

d) five years

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Option – c)

36) Which country is the largest producer of Timber?

a) United States

b) Brazil

c) Nigeria

d) Sweden

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Option – a)

37)The gas that usually causes explosions in coal mines is

a) Hydrogen

b) Carbon monoxide

c) Air

d) Methane

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Option – d)

38) When is the international Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination?

a) 2nd October

b) 21st March

c) 23rd March

d)19th January

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Option – b)

39) Which one among the following European countries has the maximum number of running nuclear reactors?

a) Germany

b) Switzerland

c) France

d) Norway

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Option – c)

40)The famous Palme de’ or is awarded to the best

a) sculptor

b) painter

c) travel writer

d) flim director

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Option – d)

41) Which among the following countries was the earliest to give women the right to vote?

a) Iceland

b) India

c) New Zealand

d) USA

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Option – c)

42) Which one of the following countries is not a member of the Nordic Council?

a) Norway

b) Denmark

c) Iceland

d) United Kingdom

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Option – d)

43) Restarting of computer that is already on is referred to as

a) Shut down

b) Cold booting

c) Warm booting

d) Logging off

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Option – c)

44)Which one of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN?

a) Indonesia

b) South Korea

c) Thailand

d) Vietnam

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Option – b)

45) Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is well known as an exponent of

a) Santoor

b) Sitar

c) Tabla

d) Violin

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Option – a)

46)Which one of the followioong is not a part of Hindustani Music?

a) Dhrupad

b) Khayal

c) Kriti

d) Dadra

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Option – c)

47)Gautam Buddha delivered his first sermon at which one of the following place?

a) Kushinagar

b) Sarnath

c) Bodh Gaya

d) Lumbini

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Option – b)

48) Who among the following took over as Chief Election Commissioner from BB Tandon?

a) M Damoddaran

b) N Gopalaswamy

c) Y V Reddy

d) SY Qureshi

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Option – b)

49) Which one of the following is the oldest Grand Slam of the World?

a) Wimbledon

b) French Open

c) Australian

d) US Open

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Option – a)

50) Anup Sridhar is well known for playing

a) Badminton

b) Chess

c) Football

d) Table Tennis

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Option – a)

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