Basic General Knowledge – Series 6

Latest Update- Before you know General Knowledge you need to know Basic General so that you can prepare for Competitive Exam. To strengthen your idea about this we have provided General Knowledge mcq here.

1) Medicines are more effective, if they are used in

a) gaseous state

b) colloidal state

c) solid state

d) solution state

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Option – b)

2) Which sector of the Indian Economy contributed largest to the Gross National Product (GNP)?

a) Primary Sector

b) Secondary Sector

c) Public Sector

d) Tertiary Sector

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Option – a)

3) Internal energy of gas depends only on

a) Pressure

b) Temperature

c) Volume

d) Temperature and Pressure

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Option – b)

4) A plant cell differ from animal in having

a) chloroplast

b) cell wall

c) cell membrane

d) nucleus

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Option – b)

5) India’s largest multi-purpose river valley project is

a) Nagarjuna Sagar

b) Damodar Valley

c) Bhakra Nangal

d) Thungabhadra

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Option – c)

6)Which of the following stage is associated with the formation of chiasmata during meiotic division?

a) Leptotene

b) Zygotene

c) Pachytene

d) Diplotene

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Option – c)

7) Parsec is the unit of

a) Distance

b) Time

c) Intensity of light

d) Magnetic line

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Option – a)

8) The ability of the eye to see in the dark is due to the production of a purple pigment known as

a) carotene

b) rhodopsin

c) iodopsin

d) retinene

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Option – d)

9) Who scripted Gandhiji’s favourite song ‘’Vaishnav Jan To ……’’?

a) Narsinh Mehta

b) Premanand

c) Chunilal

d) Dharmiklal

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Option – a)

10) Clear nights are colder than cloudy nights because of

a) conduction

b) condensation

c) radiation

d) insolation

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Option – c)

11) Which of the following is not a folk dance of Tamil Nadu?

a) Bharatanatyam

b) Kummi

c) Kolattam

d) Karagam

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Option – a)

12) Which of the following is an indigenously built light combat aircraft of India?

a) Akash

b) Vikrant

c) Tejas

d) Arjun

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Option – c)

13) The first modern regular census in India,was started in 1881 by

a) Lord Ripon

b) Lord Lytton

c) Lord Powell

d) Lord Clive

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Option – a)

14) Van Mahotsav-an annual pan-Indian tree planting festival is celebrated on

a) 10th June

b) 10th July

c) 5th June

d) 5th July

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Option – c)

15) Nobel Prize Winning Indian Amartya Sen is known for his work in

a) Physics

b) Chemistry

c) Medicine

d) Economics

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Option – d)

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