General Science MCQ – Series 4

21) Which one of the following does not belong to the Millennium Goals set by UNO?

a) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
b) Achieve universal primary education
c) Promote gender equality and empower women
d) Improve computer literacy

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Option – d)

22) Which one of the following prevents bleeding?

a) Leukocytes
b) Lymphocytes
c) Neutrophils
d) Platelets

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Option – d)

23) What is the purpose of sphygmomanometer?

a) To measure blood pressure
b) To measure hypertension
c) To measure body temperature
d) To measure heart beat

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Option – a)

24) Which of the following were the objectives of the Mission Chandrayaan-1?

(i) to design, develop, launch and orbit a spacecraft around the Moon using an Indian-made launch-vehicle
(ii) to conduct scientific experiments using instruments on the spacecraft
(iii) to detect water-ice on the Moon

(a) Only (i)
(b) Only (ii)
(c) Only (iii)
(d) All the above

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Option – d)

25) Carbon, diamond and graphite are together called

a) allotropes

b) isomers

c) isomorphs

d) isotopes

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Option – a)

26) LPG consists of mainly

a) methane, ethane and hexane

b) ethane, hexane and nonane

c) methane, hexane and nonane

d) methane, butane and propane

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Option – d)

27) The major ingredient of leather is

a) collagen

b) carbohydrate

c) polymer

d) nucleic acid

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Option – a)

28) In vulcanisation, natural rubber is heated with

a) Carbon

b) Silicon

c) Sulphur

d) Phosphorous

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Option – c)

29) Permanent hardness of water can be removed by adding

a) chlorine

b) washing soda

c) potassium permanganate

d) bleaching powder

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Option – b)

30) The element common to all acids is

a) hydrogen

b) carbon

c) sulphur

d) oxygen

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Option – a)
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