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1) Which of the following plants is a total root parasite plant?

a) Urticularia

b) Santalum

c) Wolfia

d) Rafflesia

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Option – d)

2)Which was not one of the regions in which the English first set up trading posts?

a) Gujarat

b) Bengal

c) Goa

d) Coromondel coasts

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Option – c)

3)Qyteti Stalin in Albania is known for

a) Natural gas

b) Iron ore

c) Oil

d) Coal

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Option – c)

4)India’s Biggest Nuclear Research Reactor is named

a) Dhruva

b) Purnima

c) Cirus

d) Apsara

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Option – a)

5)The raw material used for the production of iron is

a) Coke

b) Petrol

c) Limestone

d) Rubber

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Option – a)

6)Jaunidce affects which part of the human body?

a) Liver

b) Kidney

c) Heart

d) Lungs

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Option – a)

7)Louis Braile is known for the invention of

a) Printing press

b) Powerloom

c) Photography

d) printing for the blind

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Option – d)

8) The digestive and breathing passages cross in the

a) trachea

b) larynx

c) oesophagus

d) pharynx

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Option – d)

9)The most commonly consumed staple cereal in india is:

a) rice

b) bajra

c) maize

d) wheat

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Option – a)

10)The Harappas were:

a) Rural

b) urban

c) tribal

d) nomadic

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Option – b)

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