Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge HP State MCQ Questions

Himachal Pradesh State General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers – State GK

1) Total number of districts in Himachal Pradesh

a) 12

b) 7

c) 15

d) 17

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Option – a)

2) Which one is the biggest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh

a) Brighu Lake

b) Rewalsar Lake

c) Renuka Lake

d) Khajjiar Lake

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Option – c)

3) In which year the India Institute of Advanced Study was established

a) 1962

b) 1965

c) 1958

d) 1956

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Option – b)

4) Total number of wild life sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh

a) 27

b) 25

c) 32

d) 30

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Option – c)

5) Which one is the longest river in Himachal Pradesh

a) Parbati

b) Ravi

c) Beas

d) Sutlej

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Option -d)

6) Which district has the highest literacy rate in Himachal Pradesh

a) Mandi

b) Chamba

c) Kullu

d) Hamirpur

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Option – d)

7) Which lake is the source of Parvati River

a) Karali

b) Skhsar

c) Chandra Tal

d) Mantilai

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Option – d)

8) Who founded the Nurpur princely state

a) Jeth Pal

b) Pahari Pal

c) Nag Pal

d) Bas Pal

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Option – a)

9) Which district is Gasota fair associated

a) Solan

b) Sirmaur

c) Hamipur

d) Chamba

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Option – c)

10) Which mountain pass join Kangra and Bharmaur

a) Kalicho

b) Sach

c) Tamsar

d) Indrahar

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Option – d)
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