Indian Economy MCQ Practice Set – Series 5

Indian Economy MCQ Practice Set Questions Answers – Series 5

1)Which one of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN?

a) Brunei Darussalam

b) Cambodia

c) Vietnam

d) India

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Option – d)

2) Who devised the ‘Human Development Index’?

a) Mahbubul Haq

b) Amartya Sen

c) Adam Smith

d) Paul Streeten

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Option – a)

3) RBI is empowered to vary the CRR of commercial banks between

a) 3-15%

b) 5-12%

c) 2-11%

d) 4-13%

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Option – a)

4) The objective of self-reliance and zero net foreign aid was declared in :

(a) Second 5-Yr Plan

(b) Third 5-Yr Plan

(c) Fourth 5-Yr Plan

(d) Fifth 5-Yr Plan

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Option – c)

5) What is the main objective of Antyodaya program?

(a) Uplift the poor

(b) Uplift the urban poor

(c) Uplift the farmer

(d) Uplift the landless labour

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Option – a)

6) Which of the following accounts for Cost-Push Inflation?

(a) Increase in money supply

(b) Increase in indirect taxation

(c) Increase in population

(d) Increase in non-plan expenditure

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Option – b)

7) The best way, a bank can avoid loss is to :

(a) lend only to individuals known to the bank

(b) accept sound collateral

(c) give only short-term loans

(d) lend only to bank’s old customers

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Option – a)

8) To prevent recurrence of scams in Indian Capital Market, the Government has assigned regulatory powers to

a) RBI

b) SBI



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Option – c)

9) What is the animal on the insignia of the RBI?

a) Lion

b) Tiger

c) Panther

d) Elephant

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Option – b)

10) Which of the following is the basis for determining the national income?

(a) Total revenue of the State

(b) Net profit earned and expenditure incurred by the State

(c) Production of goods and services

(d) All of the above

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Option – c)

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