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1) In terms of value which of India leads in the production of minerals?

a) Orissa

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) West Bengal

d) Bihar

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Option – d)

2) Which of the following types of soils is most suited for tea cultivation?

a) Black Soils

b) Alluvial Soils

c) Laterite Soils

d) Red Soils

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Option – c)

3) Which one of the following is not the youngest State in India?


b) Goa

c) Chattisgarh

d) Jharkhand

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Option – b)

4) Where in India is the Rift valley to be found?

a) Narmada Valley

b) Kavery Valley

c) Godaveri Valley

d) Brahmaputra Valley

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Option – a)

5) Where was the first cotton mill set up in India?

a) Coimbatore

b) Kolkata

c) Bombay

d) Surat

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Option – b)

6) Which region gets first monsoon in summer?

a) Eastern Ghats

b) Gangetic Plain


d) Western Ghats

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Option – d)

7) What type of climate prevails in India?

a) Monsoon

b) Temperate

c) Tropical

d) Sub Tropical

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Option – c)

8) What is the best source of pure cellulose?

a) Jute Fiber

b) Hemp

c) Coir

d) Cotton Fiber

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Option – d)

9) Which of the following is known as the ‘’red planet’’?

a) Mars

b) Saturn

c) Mercury

d) Jupiter

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Option – a)

10) Which of the following is the words most populous city?

a) Tokyo

b) Shanghai

c) Kolkata

d) New York

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Option – b)

11) What is the shape of the Earth?
a) Circle

b) Geoid

c) Square

d) Rectangular

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Option – b)

12) The second Longest east-following Peninsular river is

a) Mahanadi

b) Cauvery

c) Krishna

d) Godavari

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Option – c)

13) The worlds largest area under sugarcane is …….

a) Fiji

b) India

c) Mauritius

d) Cuba

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Option – b)

14) A large loop like bend in a river is called

a) A spur

b) A spit

c) A river Cliff

d) A meader

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Option – d)

15) The land of five rivers is

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Kerala

c) Punjab

d) Tamil Nadu

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Option – c)

16) What dose Nife refer to

a) Type of rock

b() A marine organism

c) An instrument

d) A crop

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Option – a)

17) Which of the following is a Rabi Crop ?

a) Mustard

b)) Rice

c) Cotton

d) Maize

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Option – a)

18) India has very rich and good quality reserves of …….. ore

a) Zinc

b) Mercury

c) Iron

d) Lead

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Option – c)

19) Which comet appears every76 years?

a) Donali’s

b) Hooper’s


d) Halley’s

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Option – d)

20) The biggest continent of the world is …..

a) Asia

b) Africa

c) North America

d) South America

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Option – a)

21) Great bear lack is in

a) Kenya

b) China

c) Australia

d) Canada

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Option – d)

22) Which State is called the ‘Sugar Bowl’ of India?

a) Bihar

b) Punjab

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Andhra Pradesh

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Option – c)

23) Odd item

a) Jute

b) Coffee

c) Cotton

d) Coconut

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Option – b)

24) In  which part f India is Dogri Spoken?

a) Jammu and Kashmir

b) Rajasthan

c) West Bengal

d) Assam

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Option – a)

25) The largest producer of first in the world is

a) Japan

b) Norway


d) Chile

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Option – a)

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