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1)Highest Gravity dam in the world is—

a) Hirakund

b) Mettur

c) Bhakra

d) Nagarjunna Sagar

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Option – d)

2) The Rihand valley project is in:

a) M.P

b) Orissa

c) U.P

d) Karnataka

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Option – c)

3) Upper Bari Doab canal was constructed in the year—

a) 1825

b) 1859

c) 1857

d) 1890

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Option – b)

4) Tamil Nadu has the largest number of small scale units of—

a) Sugar

b) Cement

c) Cotton textile

d) Silk

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Option – c)

5) Ship are repaired mainly at—

a) Goa

b) Chennai

c) Vishakhapatnam

d) Mazogoon Dock at Mumbai

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Option – d)

6) As per 2011 Census results, the density of population in India is:

a) 362

b) 382

c) 325

d) 345

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Option – b)

7) The headquarters of the Central Railways is at:

a) Mumbai

b) Jaipur

c) Nagpur

d) Vijayawada

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Option – a)

8) Most Indians belong to the group:

(a) Caucasoid

(b) Mongoloid

(c) Australoid

(d) Negroid

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Option – a)

9) The Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli lies between which of the following states of India?

(a) Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

(b) Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

(c) Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra

(d) Gujarat and Maharashtra

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Option – d)

10) Which among the following are the Southernmost Hills?

a) Cardamom Hills

b) Javadi Hills

c) Nallamalai Hills

d) Nilgiri Hills

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Option – a)

11) Wular lake of Kashmir is a :

(a) Ox- bow lake

(b) Lake formed by blocking of ice

(c) Lake formed by terminal morainic dam

(d) Lake formed by deposition of silt

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Option – c)

12) Which of the following groups of rivers fall in the Bay of Bengal?

(a) Ganga, Brahmaputra, Hooghly

(b) Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari

(c) Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra

(d) Ganga, Yamuna, Gandak

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Option – a)

13) Of the following statements about the major soil types, the incorrect one is :

(a) alluvial soils are easy to plough

(b) red soils are rich in phosphorus, nitrogen and lime content

(c) laterite is typically a soil of tropical regions which receive heavy seasonal rainfall

(d) black soil is highly retentive of moisture and very productive

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Option – b)

14) Which one of the following types of forest covers the maximum area in India?

(a) Tropical rain forest

(b) Tropical moist deciduous forest

(c) Tropical dry deciduous forest

(d) Tropical dry evergreen forest

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Option – b)

15) In which month are the kharif crops sown?

(a) April

(b) June

(c) September

(d) November

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Option – b)

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