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1)Which city has the Headquarters of two railway zones in India?

a) Hubli

b) New Delhi

c) Mumbai

d) Jabalpur

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Option – c)

2) Which one of the following state has the longest coastline?

a) Maharashtra

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Gujarat

d) Goa

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Option – c)

3) Which of the following rivers flows from South to North?

a) Krishna

b) kaveri

c) Son

d) Godavari

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Option – c)

4) Where in India is the Jim Corbet National Park located?

a) Uttarakhand

b) Jammu and Kashmir

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Bihar

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Option – a)

5) Which one of the following is a Wild Life Sanctuary?

a) Jaldapara

b) Garumara

c) Corbett

d) All

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Option – d)

6) The retreading monsoons give rainfall to:

a) Gujarat

b) Maharashtra

c) Goa

d) Tamil Nadu

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Option – d)

7) The annual variability of rainfall is over 50 persent in

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Western Rajasthan

c) Sikkim

d) Tamil Nadu coast

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Option – b)

8) Khasi and Garo tribes mainly live in

(a) Kerala

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Meghalaya

(d) Mizoram

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Option – c)

9) Which of the following is known as the ‘Pearl City’?

(a) Kandla

(b) Tuticorin

(c) Kochi

(d) Hyderabad

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Option – d)

10) As we move from the Pole to the Equator along the longitude, what la true of the variety of crops and animals?

(a) Both increase

(b) Both decrease

(c) Variety of crops increases but that of animals decreases

(d) Variety of animals increases but that of crops decreases

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Option – a)

11) India is divided into how many pin code zones?

(a) Six

(b) Seven

(c) Eight

(d) Ten

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Option – c)

12) Match the following:

A. Hangul            1. Kaziranga

B. Tiger                2. Dachigam

C. Indian lion       3. Sundarbans

D. Rhinoceros        4. Gir Forest


(a) 1 2 3 4

(b) 2 3 4 1

(c) 2 3 1 4

(d) 3 1 4 2

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Option – b)

13) Which of the following was India’s first mobile offshore drillng platform?

(a) Sagar Kanya

(b) Sagar Mata

(c) Sagar Samrat

(d) None of the above

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Option – d)

14) Singhbhum is famous for:

(a) coal

(b) iron

(c) copper

(d) both (b) and (c)

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Option – d)

15) Which State has the largest number of sugar mills?

(a) Punjab

(b) Haryana

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Uttar Pradesh

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Option – d)

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