Indian History – Series 2

31) The Sikh Guru executed by Aurangzeb after cruel torture was

(a) Har Rai

(b) Har Krishan

(c) Hargobind

(d) Tegh Bahadur

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Option – d)

32) Nur Jehan is associated with the construction of

(a) Her husband’s tomb at Shahdara (Lahore)

(b) Her father ltimad-ud-Daulah’s tomb at Agra

(c) Akbar’s tomb at Sikandra (Agra)

(d) Both (a) and (b)

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Option – d)

33) Which of the following are true about Shivaji?

1. He was a disciple of Ramdas Samarth.

2. He levied Chauth and Sardeshmukhi.

3. He became the Peshwa.

(a) I, II and III

(b) II and III

(c) I and II

(d) III and I

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Option – c)

34) At the time, when Nadir Shah attacked Delhi, the Mughal Emperor was

(a) Ahmad Shah

(b) Muhammad Shah

(c) Bahadur Shah

(d) Shah Alam

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Option – b)

35) Who among the following Sultana wall advised by Qazi Mughiauddin to act according to the laws of Shariat, but the Sultan rejected his advice?

(a) Jalaluddin Khalji

(b) Alauddin Khalji

(c) Muhammad-bin-Tughluq

(d) Firuz Tughluq

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Option – b)

36) The most common animal figure found at all the Harappan sites is

(a) unihorn bull

(b) cow

(c) bull

(d) tiger

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Option – a)

37) According to Strabo, the Tamil kingdom to first send emissaries to meet Augustin in Athens in 20 BC, was

(a) Pallava

(b) Chola

(c) Pandya

(d) Chera

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Option – c)

38) Who had got the Konark Sun Temple constructed?

(a) Kanishka

(b) Ashoka

(c) Narasimha Deva II

(d) Rajendra Chola

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Option – c)

39) The proud title of ‘Vikramaditya’ had been assumed by

(a) Harsha

(b) Chandragupta II

(c) Kanishka

(d) Samudragupta

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Option – b)

40) Who founded the ‘All India Harijan Samaj’ in 1932?

(a) B R Ambedkar

(b) Acharya Narendra Dev

(c) Mahatma Gandhi

(d) Jagjivan Ram

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Option – c)

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