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1)The leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha was –

a) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

b) Mahatma Gandhi

c) Vitthalbhai Patel

d) Mahadev Desai

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Option – a)

2) The first President of All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) was –

a) V.V. Giri

b) S.A. Dange

c) Pt. Nehru

d) Lala Lajpat Rai

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Option – d)

3) Gandhiji’s Champaran Movement was for –

a) The security of rights of Harijans

b) Civil Disobedience Movement

c) Maintaining the unity of Hindu Society

d) Solving the problem of Indigo Workers

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Option -d)

4) Who is credited with the introduction of permanent settlement in Bengal and Bihar ?

a) Lord Curzon

b) Lord Cornwallis

c) Lord Ripon

d) Lord Wellesely

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Option – b)

5) First railway line were laid down in India under which British Governor ?

a) Lord Dalhousie

b) Lord Curzon

c) Lord Wellesely

d) Lord Lytton

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Option – a)

6) In whose reign, Guru Nanak Deva established Sikhism ?

a) Firoz shah tughlaq

b) Sikandar Lodi

c) Humayun

d) Akbar

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Option -b)

7) Who founded independent sultanate of Bengal ?

a) Ilias shah

b) Murshid Quli Khan

c) Hussain Shah

d) Alivardi Khan

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Option -b)

8) Which of the following was the first metal to be discovered and used as tools by humans?

(a) Iron

(b) Gold

(c) Tin

(d) Copper

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Option – d)

9) The Indus Civilisation is noted for its

(a) Art

(b) Scientific Advance

(c) Town Planning

(d) Military Organisation

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Option – c)

10) Chashtana was the Satraps of

(a) Gujarat

(b) Malwa

(c) Kathiawar

(d) Kashmir

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Option – b)

11) Which of the following is one of the greatest classics of the Sangam literature?

(a) Tikappiyam

(b) Kural

(c) Pattuppattu

(d) Silapadikaram or Manimekalai

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Option -d)

12) The god whose worship had not gained ground in the Rlgvedic period was

(a) Marut

(b) Lord Shiva

(c) Agni

(d) Indra

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Option – b)

13) Sultanates of Delhi have taken which of the following in their buildings from the ancient architecture?

(a) Mehrab

(b) Arched openings

(c) Decoration figures

(d) Gumbaj

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Option – b)

14) The Ashtadiggajas at the court of Krishnadeva Raya were

(a) eight great ministers like the Maratha Astapradhans

(b) eight great musicians

(c) eight great scholars of Telugu literature

(d) eight great Nayaks of the Empire of Vijayanagar

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Option – c)

15) The Mughals imported fruits from

(a) Samarkand

(b) Arabia

(c) Kabul

(d) Portugal

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Option – a)

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