Indian Polity – Series 5

21)Under which Article of the Constitution of India can the President of India be impeached ?

a) Article 61

b) Article 75

c) Article 76

d) Article 356

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Option – a)

22) The power of the President to issue ordinance is a relic of :

a)  Government of India act of 1909

b)  Government of India Act of 1919

c) Government of India act of 1935

d) Indian Independence Act, 1947

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Option – c)

23) To be eligible for election as President of India, a person must have completed the age of –

a) 25 years

b) 30 years

c) 35 years

d) 40 years

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Option – c)

24) Which of the following offices is held during the pleasure of the President of India ?

a) Vice-President

b) Chief Justice of India

c) Governor of a India

d) Chairman of UPSC

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Option – c)

25) Which House of Parliament is sometimes called the “House of Elders”?

(a) Rajya Sabha

(b) Lok Sabha

(c) Both

(d) None of the above

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Option – a)

26) The High Court of Uttar Pradesh is located in

(a) Lucknow

(b) Kanpur

(c) Allahabad

(d) Meerut

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Option – c)

27) The idea of the Constitution of India was first of all given by :

(a) Mahatma Gandhi

(b) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru

(d) M.N. Roy

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Option – d)

28) Which of the following has the power to inquire into the proceedings of any House or a State Legislature?

(a) The High Court

(b) The Supreme Court

(c) Parliament

(d) None

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Option – d)

29) Who among the following is constitutionally empowered to declare a geographical areas as a Scheduled Area ?

a) Governor

b) Chief Minister

c) Prime Minister

d) President

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Option – d)

30) The members of the Union Public Service Commission are

(a) elected by the people

(b) elected by Union Parliament

(c) appointed by the President

(d) appointed by the Home Ministry

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Option – c)

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