Life Science MCQ Questions Answers Biology Practice Set

21) Bamboo is classified as





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Option – c)

22) Which one among the following is known as ‘animal starch’ ?


b) Glycogen

c) Pectin

d) Chitin

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Option – b)

23) Who discovered the Polio vaccine ?

a)Louis Pasteur

b) Jonas Salk

c)Konrad Zuse

d) Eli Whitney

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Option -b)

24) Oxyreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases and ligases are all classes of

a) hormones

b) enzymes

c) proteins

d) vitamins

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Option – b)

25) Ozone hole refers to

a) hole in ozone layer

b) decrease in the ozone layer in troposphere

c) decrease in thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere

d) increase in the thickness of ozone layer in troposphere

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Option – c)[/su_spoiler

26) Herbicides are used to control ?

a) Fungi

b) Nematodes

c) Weeds

d) Insects

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Option - c)

27) Non-clotting of blood is caused by deficiency of ?

a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin C

c) Vitamin E

d) Vitamin K

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Option – d)

28) Monotremes are unique mammals because they

a) posses hair

b) give birth to live young

c) secret milk in a pouch

d) lay eggs

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Option – d)

29) One of the following is not a function of bones.

a) Place for muscle attachment

b) Protection of vital organs

c) Secretion of hormones for calcium regulation in blood and bones

d) Production of blood corpuscles

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Option – c)

30) N2 content is kept constant in the biosphere due to

a) N2 fixation

b) industrial pollution

c) nitrogen cycle

d) absorption of N2

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Option – c)
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