Biology MCQ Questions Answers Set General Knowledge

16) Study of parasitic organism is called—

a) Parazology

b) Parasitology

c) Both a and b

d) None of these

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Option -b)

17) Which of the following is monogamoss—

a) Wolf

b) Walrus

c) Seal

d) Deer

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Option -d)

18) Mamath is ancestor of—

a) Dog

b) Horse

c) Camel

d) Elephant

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Option – d)

19)Harmone insulin is a—

a) Glycolipid

b) Fatty acid

c) Peptide

d) Sterol

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Option – c)

20) Total number of bone found in man—

a) 212

b) 206

c) 202

d) 200

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Option – b)

21)Which of the following animals breathes through the skin?

a) Fish

b) Pigion

c) Frog

d) Cockroach

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Option – c)

22) The science related with the study of living—

a) Physics

b) Chemistry

c) Biology

d) Mathematics

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Option – c)

23)In pedology we study about—

a) Disease

b) Pollution

c) Soil

d) Rockes

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Option – c)

24)Homo sapien is the scientific of—

a) Honeybee

b) Monkey

c) Man

d) Tiger

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Option – c)

25) Genetic material of a virus is—

a) DNA

b) RNA

c) Either DNA or RNA

d) Both DNA and RNA

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Option – c)

26)Tuberculosis is caused by—

a) Virus


c) Protozoa

d) Fungi

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Option – b)

27) Yeast is an important source of—

a) Vitamin C

b) Protein

c) Vitamin B

d) Invertase

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Option – c)

28) Virus which contain RNA  as genetic material—

a) Reovirus

b) Reterovirus

c) Ribo virus

d) All

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Option – d)

29) Mitochondria is absent in—

a) Fungi

b) Algae

c) Bacteria

d) Yeast

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Option – c)

30)Which one of the following disease caused by bacteria—

a) Tuberculosis

b) Mumps

c) Small pox

d) Rabies

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Option – a)