Biology MCQ Questions Answers Set General Knowledge

46) Who discover vaccination for Rabies _

a) Jenner

b) Pasture

c) Darwin

d) Lister

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Option – b)

47) The gas leaked out in Bhopal gas tragedy _

a) Carbon Monoxide

b) Etyle isocynate

c) Methyl isocynate

d) SO2 and NO2

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Option – c)

48) Spraying of DDT produce pollution of _

a) Air

b) Air and water

c) Air and soil

d) Air ,water and soil

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Option – d)

49) Ozone layer presents in our atmosphere absorb _

a) Cosmic rays

b) Infra-red rays

c) Ultraviolet rays

d) All rays

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Option – c)

50) Which of the following produce maximum sound pollution _

a) Top music

b) Heavy truck

c) Jet flight

d) None of these

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Option – c)

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