Chemistry MCQ Questions Answer Download PDF Objective Practice Set

16)The ratio of y for inert gases is—

a) 1.33

b) 1.66

c) 2.13

d) 99

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Option -b)

17) Which of the following among alkali metals is most reactive?

a) Na

b) K

c) Rb

d) Cs

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Option -d)

18)The law of relative lowering of vapour pressure was given by—

a) Vant Hoff

b) Ostwald

c) Lewis

d) Raoult

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Option -d)

19)Which of the following metals is not attacked by the environment—

a) Gold

b) Copper

c) Silver

d) Iron

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Option -a)

20) Out of the following which one is an example of emulsion —

a) Soap solution

b) Milk

c) Blood

d) Air

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Option -b)

21)Milk is a—

a) mixture

b) element

c) metal

d) none of these

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Option – a)

22)Bar is a unit of—

a) pressure

b) force

c) energy

d) frequency

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Option -a)

23) Air is –


b) element

c) mixture

d) solution

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Option – c)

24) The atoms of the elements having same mass number but different atomic number are called—

a) Isotopes

b) Isobars

c) Isotones

d) Isomers

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Option – b)

25)Meson was discovered by—

a) Powell

b) Seaburg

c) Anderson

d) Yukawa

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Option -d)

26)Which one of the following element is essential for construction is nuclear reactors?

a) Cobalt

b) Nickel

c) Zirconium

d) Tungsten

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Option – c)

27) Group displacement law was given by—

a) Bacquerel

b) Rutherford

c) Mendeleaf

d) Soddy and Fajan

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Option -d)

28)The structure of ethylene is—

a) linear

b) tetrahedral

c) octahedral

d) triangular

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Option -d)

29)Which one has hydrogen bonding?

a) HCI

b) HBr

c) HF

d) HI

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Option – c)

30)Water solution base is called—

a) Acid

b) Salt

c) Alkali

d) None

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Option – c)