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46) In known elements , the maximum number is of _

a) Metals

b) Non-metals

c) Metalloids

d) None of above

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Option -a)

47) Which one of the compound in the following _

a) Mercury

b) Ozone

c) Air

d) Ammonia

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Option -d)

48) An alloy is _

a) A compound

b) An allotropic form

c) An isomer

d) A mixture

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Option -d)

49) The best standard of atomic mass is _

a) Carbon – 12

b) Oxygen -16

c) Hydrogen – 1.008

d) Chlorine – 35.5

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Option -a)

50) Which of the proportion of the element is a whole number ?

a) Atomic mass

b) Atomic number

c) Atomic radius

d) Atomic volume

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Option -b)

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