Surveying MCQ Questions Answers Civil Engineering

11) What is the magnetic declination at a place if the magnetic bearing of the sun at noon is 1840

a) 40W

b) 40E

c) 1760W

d) 1760E

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Option – a)

12) Pick up the correct statement given below: In cross-section method of contouring

(a) spacing of cross section depends upon the nature of ground

(b) cross sections need not be always at 90° to main line

(c) the method is suitable for road projects

(d) all the above

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Option – d)

13) Closed contours, with higher value inwards, represent a

a) depression

b) hillock

c) plain surface

d) None of these

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Option – b)

14) In a sag curve a minimum of stoppage distance is determined with assumptions of head light

______ and beam tilted at an upward angle of ______

(a) 1.0 m and 2°

(b) 0.75 m and 2°

(c) 1.0 and 1°

(d) 0.75 m and 1°

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Option – d)

15) If the coordinates of A are 100 N and 200 E and those of C are 100S and 200 E, then the length AC is

a) 400.00
b) 282.84

c) 244.94

d) 200.00

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Option – d)

16) If the focal length of the object glass is 30 cm and the distance form the object glass to the trunnion axis is 20 cm, the additive constant for telemetry is

(a) 0.5

(b) 0.4

(c) 0.3

(d) 0.1

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Option – a)

17) With the rise of temperature, the sensitivity of a bubble tube

a) decreases

b) increases

c) remains unaffected

d) None of the above

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Option – a)

18) Which one of the following is wrong about level surface?

(a) It is a horizontal plane.

(b) It is a surface parallel to mean spheroid of earth.

(c) All the points lying on this surface are equidistant from the centre of the earth.

(d) It is normal to plumb line at all points.

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Option – a)

19) Benchmark is established by

a) hypsometry

b) barometric leveling

c) spirit leveling

d) trigonometric leveling

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Option – c)

20) Which of the following sights will be applicable for a change point ?

a) Back sight

b) Intermediate sight and fore sight

c) Fore sight

d) Back sight and fore sight

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Option – d)