Analog Electronic Circuits MCQ Questions Answers Electronics Engineering

11) In a half-wave rectifier, if an a.c. supply is 60 Hz, then what is the a.c. ripple at output ? a) 30 Hz b) 60 Hz c) 120 Hz d) 15 Hz
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Option – b)

12) An amplifier has two identical cascaded stages. Each stage has a bandwidth of 20 kHz. The overall bandwidth shall approximately be equal to

a) 10 kHz

b) 12.9 Khz

c) 20 kHz

d) 28.3 kHz

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Option – b)

13) A class-B push-pull type amplifier with transformer coupled load uses two transistors rated 10W each. What is the maximum power output one can obtain at the load from this circuit ?

a) 40W

b) 50W

c) 60W

d) 70W

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Option – b)

14) A relaxation oscillator is one which

a) has two stable states

b) oscillates continuously

c) relaxes indefinitely

d) produces non-sinusoidal output

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Option – d)

15)In a single-stage RC coupled common emitter amplifier, the phase shift at the lower 3dB frequency is

a) zero

b) 1350

c) 1800

d) 2250

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Option – d)

16) Which one of the following power amplifiers has the maximum efficiency ?

a) Class A

b) Class B

c) Class AB

d) Class C

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Option – d)

17) A triangular-square wave generator uses

a) A sine wave oscillation and a comparator
b) An integrator and a comparator

c) A differentiator and a comparator

d) A sine wave oscillator and a clipper

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Option – b)

18) Which one of the following is a wide-band amplifier ?

a) RF amplifier

b) IF amplifier

c) Video amplifier

d) AF amplifier

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Option – c)

19) For a given op-amp, CMRR =105 and differential gain =105. What is the common mode gain of the op-amp ?

a) 1010

b) 2 x 105

c) 105

d) 1

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Option – d)

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