General English MCQ Question Answer Objective Model Paper Set

Directions : ( Q.Nos. 16-20 ) :  Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best express the meaning of the word :


a) Indifferent

b) Defy

c) Differ

d) Postpone


17) Abandon

a) Forsake

b) Keep

c) Cherish

d) Enlarge

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Option – a)

18) Cease

a) Begin

b) Stop

c) Create

d) Dull

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Option – b)

19) Cancel

a) Abolish

b) Approve

c) Allow

d) Break

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Option – a)

20) Pious

a) Religious

b) Sympathetic

c) Afraid

d) Faithful

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Option – a)

Directions :  In the following questions, some parts have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts, which are labeled P, Q, R and S, to produce the correct sentence.

21)In life, some rules are/ (P), as business/ (Q), they seem almost instinctive/ ®, learnt so early that/ (S)

a) R S P Q

b) Q P S R

c) R P S Q

d) Q S P R

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Option – b)

22) All precautionary measures were taken, to prevent the capture of booths/ (P), during the election/ (Q), by the Government/ (R), by the terrorists (S)

a) S P R Q

b) Q S P R

c) R P S Q

d) R Q S P

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Option – c)

23) Kapil, left in an aeroplane / (P), after reading a sailing magazine/ (Q), had decided/ ®, to build his own boat nine years earlier/ (S)

a) P R Q S

b) R S Q P

c)R Q P SS

d) P S R Q

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Option – b)

24) Each culture, flourishes when it comes/ (P), own tradition an dyet/ (Q), draws strength from its/ ®, into contact with others/ (S)

a) R Q P S

b) S P Q R

c) R P Q S

d) S Q P R

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Option – a)

25) The concept of death, that it has been reduced/ (P), as an inevitability/ (Q), is so ancient/ (R), to a cliché/ (S)

a) S P R Q

b) Q R P s

c) S R P Q

d) Q P R S

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Option – b)

26) Women, are more likely to give birth prematurely/ (P), and their babies are at increased risk/ (Q), who are poorly nourished or sick/ ®, of death and disability/ (S)

a) R Q S p

b) R P Q S

c) Q S P R

d) Q S R P

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Option – b)

27) Today, in the country/ (P), offers the best connectivity, both/ (Q), Kerala, among all states/ (R), in terms of telecom and datacom/ (S)

a) R P Q S

b) S Q P R

c) R Q P S

d) S P Q R

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Option – a)

Directions : In each of the following questions a word is followed by four options. You have to choose the option that is the most appropriate synonym to the given word.

28) Foment

A) Vex

b) Waste

c) Renounce

d) Instigate

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Option – d)

29) Placate

a) Rouse

b) Harass

c) Pacify

d) Rejoice

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Option – c)

30)  Solicitous

a) Obscene

b) Wise

c) Wholesome

d) Confident

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Option – a)