Jharkhand General Knowledge State GK MCQ Questions Answers

Jharkhand State General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers – State GK

1) Total number of recognized tribes in Jharkhand

a) 18

b) 22

c) 32

d) 26

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Option – c)

2) The Hundru Falls is created by the

a) Bansloi River

b) Baitarani River

c) Subharnarekha River

d) Damodar River

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Option – c)

3) Which one is the know as the steel city of India

a) Ranchi

b) Jamshedpur

c) Hazaribagh

d) Dhanbad

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Option – b)

4) In which year Jharkhand Was Formed as a Separate state

a) 1998

b) 2000

c) 2003

d) 2005

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Option – b)

5) Total Number of Districts in Jharkhand

a) 24

b) 20

c) 23

d) 18

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Option – a)

6) Who has established the Jamshedpur city

a) JN Tata

b) Ratan Tata

c) Dorabji Tata

d) Nusserwanji Tata

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Option – a)

7) Which one is the sub-capital of Jharkhand

a) Bokaro

b) Dumka

c) Ranchi

d) Dhanbad

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Option – b)

8) What is the literacy rate of Jharkhand according to 2011 census

a) 62.38%

b) 73.56%

c) 67.63%

D) 72.11%

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Option – c)

9) Which one is the state bird of Jharkhand

a) Peacock

b) Pigeon

c) Koel

d) Egal

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Option – c)

10) Sohrai is the biggest festival of which tribe

a) Birhor

b) Oraon

c) Munda

d) Santhal

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Option – d)

11) In which year, the santhal rebellion started

a) 1852

b) 1861

c) 1858

d) 1855

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Option – d)

12) The prime targets of the santhal Uprisings were the

a) Christians

b) British official

c) Money-lenders

d) Foresters

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Option – b)

13) What is the name of the festival of flowers of the Adivasis in Jharkhand

a) Tusu

b) Baha

c) Sarhul

d) Karma

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Option – c)

14) When did the Tana Bhagat Movement start

a) 1911

b) 1919

c) 1916

d) 1914

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Option – d)

15) Bihar is located on the ——— side of Jharkhand

a) North

b) west

c) South

d) East

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Option – a)

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