Legal Aptitude MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF

Legal Aptitude MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF Fully Solved Model Sample Practice Set

Legal Aptitude Questions Answers Model MCQ Set PDF –

1) The law relating to prisoners of war has been codified by

a) Geneva Convention

b) Vienna Convention

c) Paris Convention

d) None of the above

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Option – a)

2) Who heads the four members Committee appointed to study the Centre-State relations especially the changes took place since Sarkaria Commission

a) Justice M.M.Panchi

b) Justice Nanavati

c) Justice Bamcha

d) Justice Kuldip Singh

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Option – a)

3) Muslim religious foundations are known as

a) Din

b) Wakfs

c) Ulema

d) Quzat

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Option – b)

4) Which is the oldest Code of Law in India?

a) Naradasmriti

b) Manusmriti

c) Vedasmnti

d) Prasarsmriti

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Option – b)

5) A child born after father’s death is

a) Posthumous

b) Heir

c) Intestate

d) Bastard

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Option – a)

6) India became the member of United Nations in the Year

a) 1956

b) 1945

c) 1946

d) 1950

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Option – b)

7) Rape involves an offence which is against:

a) Property

b) Human body

c) Political body

d) Social body

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Option – b)

8) What Is an ECO- MARK?

a) A scheme for labelling Environment Friendly Consumer Product

b) A Scheme for labelling pollution free industrial Unit

c) A Cost-effective Production Technique

d) An International Certification recognizing, Eco Friendly building

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Option – b)

9) The manager of waqf is known as     

a) Sajjadanshin

b) Khadim

c) Mutawalli

d) Mujwar

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Option – c)

10)  Within the jurisdiction of which High Court does Lakshadweep fall     

a) Bombay High Court

b) Kerala High Court

c) Madras high court

d) Delhi high court

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Option – b)

11) Who among the following was the first Chief Information Commissioner o India?     

a) Wajahat Habibullah

b) lrfan Habib

c) Tahir Mahmood

d) Najma Heptullah

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Option – a)

12) Result of successful prosecution is     

a) acquittal

b) discharge

c) conviction

d) charge sheeting

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Option – c)

13) Which Parliamentary Committee is describe as ‘Watch-dog’ and guardian of the people against official negligence of corruption?
a) Committee on Estimates
b) Public Accounts Committee
c) Committee on Public Undertaking
d) Committee on ‘Consolidated fund of India’

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Option – b)

14) According to the Human Development Report 2006, India has acquired 126th place in HDI ranking which is. than that of last year.
a) Two ranks up
b) One rank up
c) Two ranks down
d) One rank down

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Option – b)

15) The Government of India is planning to open Rail Link between Sealdah to Devpura. Devpura is locatd in –
a) Nepal
b) Bangladesh
c) Bhutan
d) Pakistan

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Option – b)

16) ___ is NOT a Central Government tax.

a) Income tax

b) Customs Duty

c) Land Revenue

d) Corporation Tax

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Option – c)

17) Development of law of tort has taken through:

a) Customs and precedents

b) Judicial decision

c) Enactments

d) All the above

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Option – b)

18) When goods are displayed in a shop with a price tag, it is

a) An offer

b) An invitation to offer

c) A counter offer

d) None of these

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Option – d)

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