Fluid Mechanics MCQ Questions Answers Mechanical Engineering

11) Fluid is a substance which offers no resistance to change of

a) Volume

b) Pressure

c) Shape

d) Flow

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Option – c)

12)For manometer, a better liquid combination is one having

a) Higher surface tension

b) Lower surface tension

c) Surface tension is no criterion

d) High density and viscosity

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Option – a)

13) Fluid statics deals with

a) viscous and pressure force

b) viscous and gravity force

c) gravity and pressure force

d) surface tension and gravity force

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Option – c)

13) Bourdon gauge measures

a) absolute pressure

b) gauge pressure

c) local atmospheric pressure

d) standard atmospheric pressure

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Option -b)

14) For warship, metacentric height of a ship should vary between

a) 0 – 1m

b) 1 – 2 m

c) 5 – 10 m

d) > 10 m

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Option – b)

15) The resultant pressure on a body impressed in a fluid is called
a) Fluid pressure

b) Upthrust

c) Buoyancy

d) Gravity

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Option – c)

16) The time of oscillation of a floating body with increase in metacentric height will be

a) increases

b) decreases

c) unaltered

d) lower/higher depending on weight of body

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Option – b)

17) The continuity equation represents conservation of

a) Mass

b) Momentum

c) Energy

d) Vorticity

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Option – a)

18) The potential lines in case of a doublet are

a) circles tangent to the x-axis

b) circles tangent to the y-axis

c) concentric circles with center on the x-axis

d) concentric circle with center on the y-axis

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Option – b)

19) The dimension of kinetin energy correction factor a is

a) M0L T0

b) M0L1T-2

c) M0L0T0

d) M1L2T-2

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Option – c)

20) The range for coefficient of discharge (Cd) for a venturimeter is

a) 0.61 to 0.79

b) 0.72 to 0.89

c) 0.85 to 0.92

d) 0.95 to 0.99

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Option – d)

21) All the terms of energy of Bernoulli’s equation have dimension of

a) energy

b) work

c) length

d) pressure

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Option – c)

22) The Bernoulli’s equation refers to conservation of

a) Mass

b) Momentum’

c) Force

d) Energy

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Option – d)

23) In a triangular notch is an error of 6% in observing the head. The error in the computed discharge is

a) 10%

b) 6%

c) 12%

d) 15%

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Option – d)

24)For laminar flow in pipes the momentum correction factor is

a) > 1

b) 1.03

c) 1.33

d) 2.00

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Option – c)

25) Maximum efficiency of transmission of power through a pipe is

a) 25%

b) 66.66%

c) 33.3%

d) 50%

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Option – b)

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