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Operating System Questions Answers MCQ Download Operating System Questions Answers MCQ Practice Set

1)If the property of locality of reference is well pronounced in a program

a) the number of page faults will be more

b) the number of page faults will be less

c) the number of page faults will same

d) none of above

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Option – B.

2) Belady anamoly occurs in

a) Optimal replacement


c) LRU

d) both in FIFO and LRU

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Option – B.

3)Memory protection is normally done by

a) the processor and the associated hardware

b) the operating system

c) the compiler

d) the user program

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Option – a.

4) In real time OS, which is most suitable scheduling scheme

a) round robin


c) pre-emptive scheduling

d) random scheduling

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Option – c.

5)For multiprogramming operating system

a) special support from processor is essential

b) special support from processor is not essential

c) cache memory is essential

d) none of above

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Option – B.

6)Which operating system reacts in the actual time

a) Batch system

b) Quick response system

c) Real time system

d) Time sharing system

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Option – c.

7)Which technique is used by operating systems to execute several programs concurrently by switching back and forth

a) Partitioning

b) Multitasking

c) Windowing

d) Paging

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Option – c.

8)What is the name given to the values that are automatically provided by software to reduce keystrokes and improve a computer user’s productivity?

a) Defined values

b) Fixed values

c) Default values

d) None of the above

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Option – c.

9)Shortest Job First executes first the job

a) with the least processor needs

b) that first entered the queue

c) that has been in the queue for the longest

d) that last entered the queue

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Option – a.

10) Fragmentation of a file system

a) occurs only is file is not used properly

b) can always be prevented

c) happens in all file systems

d) can be removed by compaction

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Option – b.

11) Which operating system use write through catches




d) DOS

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Option – d.

12) Dynamic allocation of storage areas with VSAM files is accomplished by

a) hashing

b) control splits

c) over flow areas

d) relative recording

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Option – b.

13)Dijkstra’s algorithm deals with

a) mutual exclusion

b) deadlock recovery

c) deadlock avoidance

d) cache coherence

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Option – c.

14)A series of statements explaining how the data is to be processed is called

a) instruction

b) compiler

c) program

d) interpretor

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Option – c.

15) Which of following is not a condition of Dead Lock ?

a) Mutual Exclusion

b) No Preemption

c) Hold and Wait

d) Data Transfer

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Option – d.
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