Pedagogy MCQ Questions Answers Download

Pedagogy MCQ Questions Answers Fully Solved Sample Practice Set Download PDF

Pedagogy MCQ Questions Answers Download Practice objective set

1) Who is the father of genetic epistemology?


b) Bruner

c) Vygotsky

d) Dewey

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Option – a)

2)Nature Children are like

a) Imitative


c) Imaginative

d) Destructive

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Option – a)

3)Which of the following  is not a product of learning?


b) Knowledge

c) Maturation

d) Physical Structure

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Option – c)

4)Teaching-Learning Process fundamentally completed  in

a) Class Room

b) School

c) Society

d) Home

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Option – a)

5)Which from the following should be used to decrease minor inappropriate behavior?


c) Ignorance

d) Strictness

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Option – c)

6)A scoring guide use to evaluate the quality of students is called

a) Rubrics

b) Checklists

c) Inventories

d) Rating scales

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Option – a)

7)To motivate the other to achieve certain goals is

a) Planning


c) Controlling

d) Organizing

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Option – b)

8)The concept of inspection was first introduced in

a) Pakistan

b) India

c) England

d) China

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Option – c)

9) All transaction should be enterd in which register

a) Fee

b) Cash

c) Funds

d) With Drawl

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Option – b)

10)How much knowledge is gained through the sense of smell?

b) 13%



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Option – d)

11)Which one is exception?





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Option – d)

12)Padagogy is concerned with:?



d)Teaching Methods

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Option – d)

13)According to NCF, 2015 , the role of a teacher has to be

a) Authoritative




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Option – d)

14)Psycology is a _________

a)Science of soul

b)Science of Mind

c)Science of Consciousness

d)Science of Behaviour

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Option – d)

15)Which of the following is a dimension teaching aid?

a)Black Board

b)Display Board

c) Still Picture

d) Model

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Option – d)

16)Which one does not indicate child’s emotion ?


b) Sorrow

c) Curiosity

d) Tolerance

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Option – d)

17)The best method to study growth and development of the child is

a)Psychoanalytic method

b)Comparative Method

c)Developmental Method

d) Statistical Method

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Option – c)

18)Which would be the best theme to start with in a nursery class?

a)My best friend

b) My neighbourhood

c) My School

d) My Familly

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Option – d)

19)Which of the following is not related to educational achievement?

a) Heredity

b) Experiences


d) Self Learning

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Option – a)

20) Heredity is Considered as a social  Structure


b) Secondary

c) Dynamic

d) Static

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Option – d)

21) The best method to study growth and development of the child is–
a) Psychoanalytic Method

b) Comparative Method
c) Developmental Method

d) Statistical Method

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Option – c)

22) A few students in your class are exceptionally bright, you will teach them–
a) Along with the class

b) Along with higher classes
c) By using Enriched programmes

d) Only when they want

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Option – c)

23) Who was the pioneer of Classical Conditioning?
a) Skinner

b) Pavlov

c) Watson
d) Thorndike

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Option – b)

24) One will have more chances of being successful as a teacher, if
(a) He belongs to the family of teachers
(b) He is trained in teaching
(c) He has ethical values and a good character
(d) He can organize his teaching material systematically and conveys the same

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Option – d)

25) Students learn more from a teacher who is
(a) affectionate
(b) one who communicates his ideas precisely and clearly
(c) gentle
(d) hard working

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Option – d)

26) Majority of students in a large class are found dozing. There may be something
wrong with
(a) the students concerned
(b) the teaching process
(c) the content taught
(d) the time of inst

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Option – a)

27) A problem child has
(a) Pampering guardians
(b) Hereditary problems
(c) IQ problems
(d) Physical problems

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Option – a)

An important issue for teachers is pedagogy. We have provided here pedagogy MCQ which will help you in teaching test.